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With the beginning of another semester ushers in the following opportunities to provide support. 

When Women Support Women Incredible Things Happen


North Texas Giving Day (NTGD)  Fall Semesters Only 

Help ARISE! raise funds by participating in this annual online giving event sponsored by Communities Foundation of Texas to help North Texas nonprofits raise the needed funds to support and continue their mission. The Fall 2021 Campaign will be held on Thursday, September 23, 2021.  


Peer support is the process of giving and receiving encouragement and assistance to achieve long-term recovery. Graduates provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to a participant in recovery for the current semester. It's a rewarding experience to use your experience of recovery from the effects of sexual trauma to support other survivors in recovery. Peer supporters offer emotional support and model safe and healthy relationships without judgment, blame and criticism. 

Peer Supporter Responsibilities—

1. make initial contact 

2. weekly check ins (based on participant's comfortability and the agreement between the two. Contacts can be made by phone, text or video

3. center discussion around what is being learned in the support group

4. set and maintain healthy boundaries 

5. be a source of encouragement 

6. share your journey when applicable

7. contact ARISE! if problems develop  


Encouragers are graduates or those currently in recovery who will reach out to an individual who is considering starting their healing journey through the Shelter from the Storm© curriculum. Once provided the contact information the encourager will get in touch with the person  and share their experience and journey through recovery. The goal is to provide hope that healing is possible with the appropriate support, prayer, recovery tools and their personal work during the recovery process. 

Once the encourager makes connection with the individual and shares her story, her assignment is then complete. If you would like your name added to the rotation list of encouragers to be contacted automatically upon interest of joining the support group, please let us know.  

LET'S TALK RECOVERY  (on hold until further notice)

This is an opportunity for current clients to process the daily lessons of the weekly units in a community format in order to gain a greater understanding of recovery material. This program is optional and does not take the place of the Shelter from the Storm© recovery group facilitated on Tuesday nights for current participants. 

Graduates are encouraged to join and evaluate where they are on the healing journey as they simultaneously provide support and encouragement. The call is hosted through Free Conference Call (audio). If interested, use the sign up button below.  Conference information will be provided through email or text.  The meetings are scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday from 8-9 p.m. CST. NOTE: The conference line will be locked ten minutes after the call has started to promote privacy and security. Make sure to be on time. 

The first meeting for the Fall 2020 semester will start on Wednesday August 19.  You can join in at any time within the current semester.  

Click here to view schedule. 


Give the gift of recovery by financially sponsoring a survivor in recovery. Our support group fees are $300.00 per client per semester. For a fifteen week recovery program it equates to $20.00 per group meeting. Any amount you choose to give will be greatly appreciated!  


Our faith based mentor program is designed to serve as a bridge that connects survivors to a safe community of thrivers, as well as provide a supportive environment through education and resources to address and overcome the effects of sexual trauma. This combination will supply an understanding of the recovery process in preparation for the forty five week support program through Shelter from the Storm© - Hope for Survivors of Sexual Abuse. 

This eight week course is offered on demand throughout the year beginning with orientation. As registrations come in, groups form and start dates are set. The groups will meet every two weeks in order to allow participants time to read the chapter(s), answer questions from the workbook and view correlating videos. 

If you're a graduate of Shelter from the Storm© and would like to mentor click the "Learn More" button below. 

NOTE: Confidentiality and anonymity apply while working with survivors in any capacity through ARISE! International. We are a safe and healthy community and everyone involved should go above and beyond to protect each other on our healing journey.  Healthy boundaries are to be established and maintained.  We respect and we do not violate the boundaries of others just like we want our boundaries to be respected and not violated. Practicing healthy boundaries ensures all parties will have a safe and pleasant experience. 

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