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19th Silent NO More! 


     Join us for a glamorous evening celebrating hope, transformation and restoration.

Here's to Recovery! 


What Our Guests Are Saying... 

"It's so worth the journey. Cheers!"

Adriane Hights

"So proud of all of you. "

Dawn Blunt

"Congratulations to all of the beautiful graduates!" 

Jocelyn Willis 


Celebrating COVID Style 


Thecia Jenkins 

Guest Speaker 

Thecia Jenkins is the Training Director with the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council in Houston, TX.  She oversees curriculum development, community outreach and training for law enforcement, healthcare providers, educators, corporate, clergy, social services and communities to raise awareness about recognizing, responding and referring victims of domestic violence to get assistance.

She is also an independent domestic violence and behavioral consultant and trainer that is hired to work with organizations internationally. Her mission to equip individuals and communities to address domestic and sexual violence has taken her to West Africa and the Caribbean.  Thecia consults with non-profits to build their community outreach programs, train public sector professionals and coach aspiring and emerging leaders.

Her favorite quote is “No significant learning occurs without a relationship.” by Ruby Payne, Educator

Ophelia Robertson Greene 

Community Advocate  

I am Ophelia Robertson Greene, a Christ follower, a mother, an author, a business

professional, and an advocate. I witnessed my mother endure spousal abuse and some of

my siblings endure child abuse by the hands of one who was supposed to love them. It took

my Mom 25 years before she left to live. There was no support in rural Louisiana for my

Mom as she endured countless episodes of domestic violence. I could not help her when I

was growing up but I honor her now through Annie’s Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation,

Inc., a nonprofit organization named in her honor. I also wrote my second book to honor her

by telling her story and the story of her children. The book is entitled Katrina’s Got Nothing

on Max: A Constant Storm (True Stories of Survival).

Annie’s Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation, Inc. established in 2015, sponsors a

Survivors Luncheon annually to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault and

provide financial support to advocacy agencies that touch these issues. God has given me a

passion to encourage those who have been hurt by family violence. The Survivors Luncheon

is held the second Saturday in May. Our motto is “doing good works, by God’s grace, for

His glory, and for the benefit of others.” We will celebrate 5 years in 2021 at our first Virtual

Survivors Luncheon scheduled for May 8, 2021. The Luncheon is free but registration is

required. Registration will open soon at


Rose Knowles, Minister 

Reaching Kingdom People 

Tiffany Colston


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