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NOTE: Effective June 16, 2020: Due to COVID-19, all recovery groups are now offered through

ZOOM Video Conferencing until further notice. 

1. Q. Is there a fee for participating in the recovery group?

Answer: Yes. Recovery group fees are $300.00 per semester, per participant. In addition, new participants must purchase the Shelter from the Storm© workbook from Click here to purchase.

2. Q. I need to join the recovery group but can't afford the group fees at this time, will I still be able to participate?

Answer: Yes. Due to the generosity of our donors, participants wanting to join the support group but need financial assistance can enroll in our Sponsor A Survivor Scholarship Program. Participating in the scholarship program will provide a partial scholarship in the amount of $150.00. Clients will be responsible for the remaining balance of $150.00. NOTE: Full scholarships can and will be made specifically at the request of a donor.

3. Q. How often will the recovery group meet?

Answer: We offer groups on Monday,Tuesday and Thursday nights based on client demand and if we have enough participants to formulate a group. Participants may choose what group night they will attend as long as space is available. Participants will attend group meetings once a week for two hours. 

4. Q. How many participants are in a group?​

Answer: The maximum number of participants per group is eight in order to allow the highest participation of members.

5. Q. What age can I participate in the recovery group?

Answer: Group participants needs to be at least 18 years of age. Each participant will be required to sign a pledge of confidentiality and 

recovery group guidelines forms.

6. Q. What is the format of the recovery group?

Answer: Our format is curriculum based. We use the Shelter from the Storm© Hope for Survivors of Sexual Abuse which is a 

Christ-centered twelve week curriculum.

7. Q. How long are the semesters?

Answer: Recovery groups are held in the Spring and Fall semesters. Each semester is fifteen weeks in duration. Our semester begins the first night with orientation and the semester will end with our semi-annual awards ceremony.

8. Q. How long are the weekly meetings? 

Answer: Recovery group weekly meetings are scheduled for two hours, 7:00pm CST- 9:00pm CST.

9. Q. Should I also be in individual counseling?

Answer: Yes. Sexual abuse is the most personal and damaging form of betrayal. Recovery from sexual abuse is the most intense and emotionally challenging form of recovery. Survivors of sexual abuse often struggle with powerful issues such as shame, thoughts of suicide, addictions and even dissociation. Shelter from the Storm©. 

For participation in our recovery groups you are required to establish a relationship with a counseling professional (preferably one who is trained in sexual trauma).  The recovery groups should complement individual therapy not replace it. Counseling is crucial for trauma survivors and it is an important step to help process the wounded emotions from abuse. Many mental health professionals consider support groups to be one of the most important resources in recovery from the effects of sexual abuse.  Click here to view counseling resources.

10. Q. Are support groups the same as counseling or group therapy?

Answer: No. Counseling or therapy is a specific type of mental health treatment facilitated by trained and licensed mental health providers.

Support groups are led by experienced and trained facilitators--to facilitate a group of peers to share their experiences, process their feelings, practice new skills, and support one another in a safe and collaborative environment. Our recovery/support groups provide a safe environment to process the ways in which the history of sexual violence impacts our life today with others who have had similar experiences. Participants will be informed about the truth of their experience, embraced where they are on the journey and encouraged in their process of recovery. NOTE: A pre-group interview is required for participation. 

11.  Q. What are the requirements for graduation?

 Answer: Participants who commit to completing three recovery group semesters (a year and a half) will be eligible to graduate from the program facilitated by ARISE! International.

12. Q. Can I join the support group anytime during the semester?

Answer: No. Shelter from the Storm© recovery groups are closed groups and no one will be allowed to join after the groups have started. Groups are held twice a year in the Spring and Fall semesters. New participants must wait until the next group semester to join the support group.

13. Q. I was sexually abused as an adult can I participate in a Shelter from the Storm© recovery group?

 Answer: Yes. The same principles for recovery from childhood sexual abuse can be applied to sexual abuse as an adult.

14. Q. Can family members attend a Shelter from the Storm© group meeting?

Answer: No. The dynamics of the family system would impact the process of the group. Participants need the freedom to express their past and present hurts in a safe environment.

15. Q. Is daycare provided?

Answer: No. Daycare must be arranged in advance by participants. Children are not allowed in the support group setting. In addition, accommodations must also be made in advance for pets as they are not permitted in the support group environment.

16. Q. Are the support group meetings located on a bus line?

Answer: No. Each participant is responsible for transportation to and from the recovery group meetings. UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we now facilitate virtual support groups. We do not have in person groups until further notice. 

17. Q. Do you provide housing?

Answer: No. We do not operate any housing programs. Clients must retain a safe and stable living environment as they participate in the recovery groups in order to receive the maximum benefit toward emotional healing. For information on additional community resources that may be of assistance to you see the referenced homeless shelter below.

Dallas Life (Open 24 hours)

100 Cadiz St,

Dallas, TX 75215

(214) 421-1380

18. Q. How do I sign up for the recovery group?

Answer: Those interested in participating in our recovery groups can sign up via our website.  It is also important that participants be substance-free when attending group, and have no active substance abuse issues. AA and NA groups are available nationwide. To find an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) near you click here. To find a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting near you click here.

19. Q. What is Distance Learning?

Answer: Distance learning describes learning that happens without the participant being physically present at our Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex location. The learning will be conducted through ZOOM Video Conferencing in a group setting format along with other participants. 

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