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The leader had experience and could relate to me. I felt very comfortable and open and unjudged for the first time in a long time. I felt normal. 

I just love the fact that I have been able to share my pain with other women like myself. I have grown tremendously as a result of this Christ-based curriculum, the facilitator's experience & passion as she facilitates each week providing us with the tools and support to heal and become whole. I enjoy the fellowship during our outings and I have attended some excellent activities that I may not have known about if it wasn't for the group attending them.

My favorite thing about the support group was having others who had been through trauma. It helped me feel less lonely ... less different. I liked having a safe place to talk about trauma and it was encouraging to get to be a part of others healing and growing. I also liked that it helped solidify some things that I had been learning in individual therapy sessions.

What I like best about the support group is it's teaching me that I am not crazy. I am learning that the abuse was not my fault. I am also learning that God is going to heal me. The truth will set me free, I am wonderfully made. I am CLEAN, I am not disgusting. I know one day I will believe that from the bottom of my soul. 

It was very informative and interactive. Also, I'm glad that someone that has gone through what I went through is our facilitator. I like the privacy that we're given.

The facilitator has a way of making people comfortable enough to talk. I have learned a lifetime amount of skills that I can use for my everyday coping.

The environment of trust and comfort the facilitator was able to establish from the very beginning.

I like the privacy of the closed group. It helped me to feel safe and comfortable.

I am so thankful to God that he blessed me to be apart of this support group. HE LOVES ME!!!!!!! And one day I will love myself as well. Thank you ARISE! for the blessings you are adding into my life. THANK YOU!!!!!

The entire class was great but the best part was learning I was not alone and deliverance is possible.

I loved seeing the results of people who have been through group and the freedom in which they now live their lives.

Everyone was kind, loving, non-judgmental ....I was overwhelmed by the support. I liked, most of all, the confidentiality. The facilitators are wonderful and very knowledgeable. 

This was my first time going through the Shelter from the Storm© class...I really needed the class---the content and the support. It's helping me to get focused.

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