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Volunteer Interview Questionnaire 

1. What made you interested in volunteering for ARISE! International? *

2. Please list any background working with sexual violence survivors and/or any related volunteer experience. *

3. What qualities or skills would make you a good volunteer? *

4. What do you anticipate would be the most difficult part of this program for you? *

5. How do you feel about working with/assisting people who are of different race, religion, belief or lifestyle than yours? *

6. Have you or anyone you know been impacted by sexual violence?*

If yes, please explain...(how long ago and what have you done to work through it) *

7. Have you ever been arrested, charged or convicted of a crime(s), or have any charges currently pending against you? *

If yes, explain...*

8. Are you willing to complete paperwork, keep track of services, and document all client contact? *

If no, please explain...*

9. Are you currently on probation or parole or completing community service hours?*

If yes, please explain...*

10. Client confidentiality is a top priority at ARISE! International. Do you forsee having a problem in this area?*

If yes, please explain...*

11. We prohibit the use of mind-altering drugs and alcohol while volunteering. Can you agree to abide by this policy? *

If no, please explain...*

Disclaimer and Signature *

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