ARISE! International, Inc - Adults in Recovery and Informed Against Sexual Exploitation
About Us

Helping survivors of sexual violence heal emotionally, socially and spiritually from the devastating effects of inappropriate sexual behavior.

We assist in recovery by providing a place of hope and healing to address the effects of sexual trauma. 

We offer faith based programs designed to identify destructive patterns from past abuse and create opportunities for clients to choose healthy choices based on biblical truth. 

To form a network of overcomers and thrivers, not just survivors, who will support and encourage each other, and begin to speak up and speak out about the destructive impact sexual violence has on individuals, families and our communities. 

ARISE! International, Inc (Adults in Recovery and Informed Against Sexual Exploitation) was founded by Gwendolyn Jones during her journey of recovery which began in 1994 from the effects of sexual violence as an adolescent, by her step-father.  

ARISE! International, Inc. is a faith based organization which operates on Christian principles and utilizes Scripture and prayer for truth and guidance.

In 2007, the organization filed with the State of Texas as a nonprofit charitable organization and later received its’ 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Client Services 
Services are available to female adult survivors (ages 18 and older) impacted by sexual violence as a child, adolescent or as an adult. We provide fee based support groups.  All services are confidential. 

Support Groups

Christ-centered support groups utilizing the 
Shelter from the Storm - Hope for Survivors of Sexual Abuse curriculum. 

Groups are offered in the Spring and Fall semesters and are a safe place for survivors to begin their personal healing journey from the emotional and spiritual effects of being sexually exploited. 


Recommended contacts for professional counseling, crisis hot lines, referrals, legal and social services as well as faith based ministries to assist clients in rebuilding and establishing their lives to a state of balance. 


"Building Community, Sharing Hope, Walking Together"
Stephanie Rae Thompson 

Ongoing social opportunities to connect with a network of over comers who are emotionally supportive and who foster an environment of acceptance, community and safety to assist survivors in coming out of silence, isolation 
and withdrawal. 


Presentations on awareness, prevention and recovery are presented throughout the year to inform the public regarding the pervasiveness of sexual violence and the importance of recovery. 


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